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Frikkin’ Hooked on Fisherman’s Friends

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You know everyone has one.

They may come in different languages, different cultures have different rules to monitor and modify their usage, different people get known for their presence in the life of the famous. Oops did I spill a hint. They do begin with an “F”. For some it’s a fetish, for some it’s “Favorite” but, for me, this particular preference comes as an alliterative …

I’m a frivolous flavor freak! My earliest memory of these tasty gems comes from my friend Marc in high school (“once Music Director of the University of Guelph’s prestigious CFRU”). Marc has these on hand as a sort of floating monogram of his personal significance. Often offering these things to my I would regretfully decline. I would rather a cigarette at that time. I wonder about my misspent youth, how sometimes you get a jab of home from one (usually two – one is such a lonely number) of these fabulously flavoured fragments of freedom.

Coming from a Roman Catholic background I say these are bits of a lost communion with the Great Sea – not frivolity but faith (doesn’t Faith Under Civil Kindness spell something?).

Where do these flag-fanning forms of (English) flavour favours get made?

The Freakin’ Fisherman’s Friend Factory!!!

Ships and Chips ahoy!

Wag Magazine РDecember 2010

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