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Waves of Eternity – A Druid and his Day

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I went for a long, and I do mean LONG walk from home one strange night in August 1997, somewhere after the 16th, but before the beginning of what would be a school year – had I not lost my mind in California.

What About Those California GURLs?

What About Those California GURLs?

The old highway that would take you out of what was perhaps called Carden – or was it Caleden?- in what then was the Province of Avon, not Ontario and it’s Highway 401 to Toronto (once known as Victoria – crown of the Cigarette Empire famed by 1984) … Sorry this doesn’t work if you don’t like cigarettes?

As I was writing to you, this old highway – now out of Guelph, Ontario, was once able to take you and a merry band of travellers to a far-off area where we could get drinks which didn’t leave you with the shakes and read books that would know how much fun it was to breathe air from different planes and planets. The destination, clicking in with the tree of Destiny, was Morriston, Ontario.

Half-impaired – does not an impartial jurisdiction beget someone with odd helices of noetic information? – i walked down the road out of Guelph (later, May 1999, i was to do something similar but the journey would have a real touchdown – Hamilton {the one in Ontario – not Scotland}. I eventually worked through some of my impressions laid upon me by those visitors and residents of California, not to mention other environs of the American Empire.

Do I Have To Dance to Get Honey from My Neighbour?

Do I Have To Dance to Get Honey from My Neighbour?

This was a tiddlywink tightrope of cultural corollary to this “Canadian Citizen” – somewhere between the Medea Virtua America and Luxus Lyris Brittania – would I create the Curriculas Vitaes Canata?

I was only with a little black side-pack, a Druid Animal Oracle, some stones and a slim book of the Quaballa. I continued to draw cards, often feeling that this journey involved the 5 Elements and a cabal of Dragons.

The most memorable card drawn from this pack was the HoneyBee – associated with Druidess Diana and implicated with my sister, Melissa, and her sunny disposition.

I suppose this is where the hexagon can become a hive and home.



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