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Where the Crox is Lyra?

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Prison of Lyres

Pristine as a Pomegranate, that quartz triangle can’t even read my real name…

“Hey where you from? What are you on? What are you doing? What is your real name? How do you spell ignorant interrogation?”

“Why don’t I send you a photon packet, it’s like my personal app.  It can reveal much about myself and our larger stellar origins.”

“Lyra? That’s what I just read. Isn’t that in Italy somewhere?”

“Actually it’s a constellation which shows up over here as a bunch of stars but are actually bi-fractive rays of light information that, to the astute observer here on Earth will show that these stars are actually planets.  They all have real names, rather than Lyran Planet 000.  Some are visited by dragons, lions, honeybees and eagles.”

“Oh really? Does this planet have Beer? It should be the Prism of Beera”

“There were some bars and breweries on Vega, one of the planets, but they moved operations to Terra Firma, here.”

“What kind of beer did they have? Blue? I like Canadian.”

“Memory doesn’t serve me well with beriad beverages.  I know they have VelaMints™ for bad breath.”

“I always wanted alien beer.  What are the names of the other planets, we got Vega…”

“Actually, and perhaps it was beer goggles that had caused much of this problem, we have contested the names of things “down here. There is a competition going on here to get the names right and registered properly on our planet here, Alcyone.”

“So, Alcyone is not one of the names?”

“No, Alcyone is supposedly part of the Pleiades, a similar story to the Lyrans, but it’s actually part of a deeper and more mysterious arrangement of cosmos.  We’re working every day at different day labour jobs, not knowing the Meaning of Life, and hoping that somewhere the memory of our real terrestrial alignments and historical victories will return, raising population and consumer morale.”

“Have you ever eaten squid?”

“Squid, Calamari, Octopus – I love sushi!”

“I’m just saying that because you’re starting to look like you have a squid on your head.  Maybe it’s the genetic memory of Beer Goggles.”

“Ahh, you must mean i’m looking like Zuul, one of the Druid’s Avatars – there’s also Corto who looks like a honeybee, and Z’ev, who looks like a fly.  Inventive people those Lyran Druids are. Allow me to add a graphic asset for your perusal.”

Zuul the Talented

Those Ghostbusters beliefs may be realized! Druids who worked with the Sumerian Necronomicon will know “There is no Zuul, only YouTube.”

“So what is your wager for the Lyran Planets?

“Well there’s always 5 of something that I have to name, like the TetraGrammaton (which only really has 2 1/3 names named …) So far we have …

1. Vega

2. Avalon

3. Mithras

4. Frojn

5. Arcadia

“My friend, I think you might have the right five, some day we’ll go out for a beer.  Right now I’m on E talking to people that don’t come from my culture, just in the privacy of my own brain.”

“MDMA, yes, Mysterious MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine.  Odd that this “singular” drug can put you in touch with a part of yourself that can then act as confident agent to go into another culture’s version of heaven.  I bet it’s just a key to a larger system of syntax, some of which gets worked out endogenously later on so the addiction possibilities are lowered.  Right now you might be encountering the Lost Heavens of the Akkaidian Ascended Civilization …

1. Neruda

2. Shangri-La

3. Shamballa

4. Shalimar

5. Nassau

6. Nirvana

7. Samsara

“Oh, don’t you know everything? Are the Akkaidians Ascended enough to tell me how to get some Lyran Beer?”

“Your query hasn’t fallen on deaf ears…”

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