The Five (5) Problems in Metaphysics

There are five problems in the problems of metaphysics.  These five problems even can resolve “The Problem of Evil” and why we lose evolution points and end up in the dark ages. Why certain things have to be spelled certain ways, why certain people are “cursed” with never being able to find an epiphany.
1. Atrophy

2. Entropy

3. Casualty

4. Telemetry

5. Efficacy
Atrophy – signal (neuronet transmission) is fired off but has gyroscopics or too fixed a teleology (conversely, a weak heuristics
sensor).  The resulting path (an Urchin) is then only able to be burned for it’s arrogance.  Which leads to the thermodynamic
principles of loss. Atrophy occurs when a shot goes through and the facular tube of observation collapses.
This is where YouTube turns you into YouBoob.
Entropy – the signal builds a brittle barrier as it travels, this barrier eventually gains a heat value and loses calibre.  The seed signal
is therefore looked at as “any other nut”.  Cause of hypothalamic fluctuations while under the influence of amphetamines.
Casualty – in the process of “Life” being a system of semiotic stimulus packages (some running with different frequency, amplitude, wave material and shape),
there are going to be elements, considered to be “real” and/or “important” which are killed off in the process of running to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.
Agents lost have to be accounted for, then removed from areas for purposes of sanitation.
Telemetry – This problem involves the “osirian” test of Authenticity of Office (an office is what issues operations as well as operators).  When this breaks you get the
“well so and so says we can’t do this because he said so.” Egyptian originally had what is now called wireless network neuralnets which would require authentication for certain
programs or protocular rewrites or “what to do next to build that pyramid”.
Efficacy – This was initially understood by Brad as the ease of which characters are slinged together to form words and phrases which perform effects such as:

  1. Attraction

  2. Dissuasion

  3. Comprehension

  4. Detention

  5. Prohibition

The story goes that Cyrwydwynn of Wales had had (or does have, as she still lives) the highest understanding of this positive polemical polarity. She had understood things such as “this word will require two of the same letters because you have to kill off an old idea before the word launches into another phrase).”  All of this is why she was the Queen of Soul Scripting.

– eraserweb | 2013

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