Engaging the Eagle and the Star Savoir


Canadian naturalist Robert Bateman’s apprehension of the grace of natural vision

Conjugation of life’s experiences  into memory has long been a study of anyone who  has wondered about their place in history, or the polarities pressed into geography.

The vision of the eagle is an example of the valence of an expression of life’s vital forces.

The term conjugation is immediately a term that intimates a re-interpretation of order, a chaotic dice roll or subterfugal card shuffle.

To counter the linearity of expressed desire as apprehended by the Eagle’s eye on the world, there is the wisdom of water acquired from the pool of hydro-pneumatic forces as captured by “The Star.” Here we find a congrex of critical forces (sometimes a quotient of gears) that engage the flow of the feminine role of nature in duplicity : both the creator of life through birth as well as provider of wisdom and insight through the fire of intution.

Just as many stars are ostensible nuclear furnaces that may give life to other planets, so too is the star the locus of attention in a self-similar progenation of life or life in miniature.

By understanding different applications of the 5 Elements of Blood, Earth, Air, Fire and Water we can see problem solving in both linear and non-linear applications of biomechanic gnosis.


Light and Lucre for the Stars We Are

More importantly the two approaches become three once we learn the parallax syntax problem solving and triangulation of desire.  This is important to note as there are day to day experiences which we only encounter or engage peripherally and have not been able to find a locus or denominative signative. (In Tarot, a significator).

This is where the biomechanic of the birth of a new day becomes a welcome novation and through this dynamo, memories get made from the mere qualiat experiences which now, through a significat locus, can be said to exist.

Confidence to approach every day is always just a look and a lake away.

  • bradley james

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