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Engaging the Eagle and the Star Savoir

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Canadian naturalist Robert Bateman’s apprehension of the grace of natural vision

Conjugation of life’s experiences  into memory has long been a study of anyone who  has wondered about their place in history, or the polarities pressed into geography.

The vision of the eagle is an example of the valence of an expression of life’s vital forces.

The term conjugation is immediately a term that intimates a re-interpretation of order, a chaotic dice roll or subterfugal card shuffle.

To counter the linearity of expressed desire as apprehended by the Eagle’s eye on the world, there is the wisdom of water acquired from the pool of hydro-pneumatic forces as captured by “The Star.” Here we find a congrex of critical forces (sometimes a quotient of gears) that engage the flow of the feminine role of nature in duplicity : both the creator of life through birth as well as provider of wisdom and insight through the fire of intution.

Just as many stars are ostensible nuclear furnaces that may give life to other planets, so too is the star the locus of attention in a self-similar progenation of life or life in miniature.

By understanding different applications of the 5 Elements of Blood, Earth, Air, Fire and Water we can see problem solving in both linear and non-linear applications of biomechanic gnosis.


Light and Lucre for the Stars We Are

More importantly the two approaches become three once we learn the parallax syntax problem solving and triangulation of desire.  This is important to note as there are day to day experiences which we only encounter or engage peripherally and have not been able to find a locus or denominative signative. (In Tarot, a significator).

This is where the biomechanic of the birth of a new day becomes a welcome novation and through this dynamo, memories get made from the mere qualiat experiences which now, through a significat locus, can be said to exist.

Confidence to approach every day is always just a look and a lake away.

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The Five Part Godhead – A Step into the Fifth Dimension

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The 5 Part Godhead

The 5 Part Godhead

This may make Freudian science more up to date and reconcile Derrida and Lacan.

Or maybe it’s just good Eye Candy.

The Five (5) Problems in Metaphysics

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There are five problems in the problems of metaphysics.  These five problems even can resolve “The Problem of Evil” and why we lose evolution points and end up in the dark ages. Why certain things have to be spelled certain ways, why certain people are “cursed” with never being able to find an epiphany.
1. Atrophy

2. Entropy

3. Casualty

4. Telemetry

5. Efficacy
Atrophy – signal (neuronet transmission) is fired off but has gyroscopics or too fixed a teleology (conversely, a weak heuristics
sensor).  The resulting path (an Urchin) is then only able to be burned for it’s arrogance.  Which leads to the thermodynamic
principles of loss. Atrophy occurs when a shot goes through and the facular tube of observation collapses.
This is where YouTube turns you into YouBoob.
Entropy – the signal builds a brittle barrier as it travels, this barrier eventually gains a heat value and loses calibre.  The seed signal
is therefore looked at as “any other nut”.  Cause of hypothalamic fluctuations while under the influence of amphetamines.
Casualty – in the process of “Life” being a system of semiotic stimulus packages (some running with different frequency, amplitude, wave material and shape),
there are going to be elements, considered to be “real” and/or “important” which are killed off in the process of running to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.
Agents lost have to be accounted for, then removed from areas for purposes of sanitation.
Telemetry – This problem involves the “osirian” test of Authenticity of Office (an office is what issues operations as well as operators).  When this breaks you get the
“well so and so says we can’t do this because he said so.” Egyptian originally had what is now called wireless network neuralnets which would require authentication for certain
programs or protocular rewrites or “what to do next to build that pyramid”.
Efficacy – This was initially understood by Brad as the ease of which characters are slinged together to form words and phrases which perform effects such as:

  1. Attraction

  2. Dissuasion

  3. Comprehension

  4. Detention

  5. Prohibition

The story goes that Cyrwydwynn of Wales had had (or does have, as she still lives) the highest understanding of this positive polemical polarity. She had understood things such as “this word will require two of the same letters because you have to kill off an old idea before the word launches into another phrase).”  All of this is why she was the Queen of Soul Scripting.

– eraserweb | 2013

The 7 Pleiadian Planets – Aqua Revalia

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The Pleaidian Lightning Flash - Excelsior!

The Pleaidian Lightning Flash – Excelsior!

The Pleaidian Universe looks, from our outpost on Alcyone, as if it’s 7 Stars.  This is a bend in a metaversal hologram which, when developed by people working with The Tree of Creation, The Tree of Eternity and The Tree of Life, can find evidence of 7 Planets in that particular universe.

They are named;

1. Callisto

2. Ikea

3. Medea

4. Orinoco

5. Apophis

6. Xymox

7. Zardoz

Though the planet Maya is not part of this universe – it’s currently moving as part of the Hyedean Universe, along with an alignment with Niburu – the Mayans are a people intimately connected with Thepleaides, along with the real planet Venus.

We hope your Pleaidian System Buster affects will work in your favor.

Best Regards,

Eraserweb 2015

Where the Crox is Lyra?

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Prison of Lyres

Pristine as a Pomegranate, that quartz triangle can’t even read my real name…

“Hey where you from? What are you on? What are you doing? What is your real name? How do you spell ignorant interrogation?”

“Why don’t I send you a photon packet, it’s like my personal app.  It can reveal much about myself and our larger stellar origins.”

“Lyra? That’s what I just read. Isn’t that in Italy somewhere?”

“Actually it’s a constellation which shows up over here as a bunch of stars but are actually bi-fractive rays of light information that, to the astute observer here on Earth will show that these stars are actually planets.  They all have real names, rather than Lyran Planet 000.  Some are visited by dragons, lions, honeybees and eagles.”

“Oh really? Does this planet have Beer? It should be the Prism of Beera”

“There were some bars and breweries on Vega, one of the planets, but they moved operations to Terra Firma, here.”

“What kind of beer did they have? Blue? I like Canadian.”

“Memory doesn’t serve me well with beriad beverages.  I know they have VelaMints™ for bad breath.”

“I always wanted alien beer.  What are the names of the other planets, we got Vega…”

“Actually, and perhaps it was beer goggles that had caused much of this problem, we have contested the names of things “down here. There is a competition going on here to get the names right and registered properly on our planet here, Alcyone.”

“So, Alcyone is not one of the names?”

“No, Alcyone is supposedly part of the Pleiades, a similar story to the Lyrans, but it’s actually part of a deeper and more mysterious arrangement of cosmos.  We’re working every day at different day labour jobs, not knowing the Meaning of Life, and hoping that somewhere the memory of our real terrestrial alignments and historical victories will return, raising population and consumer morale.”

“Have you ever eaten squid?”

“Squid, Calamari, Octopus – I love sushi!”

“I’m just saying that because you’re starting to look like you have a squid on your head.  Maybe it’s the genetic memory of Beer Goggles.”

“Ahh, you must mean i’m looking like Zuul, one of the Druid’s Avatars – there’s also Corto who looks like a honeybee, and Z’ev, who looks like a fly.  Inventive people those Lyran Druids are. Allow me to add a graphic asset for your perusal.”

Zuul the Talented

Those Ghostbusters beliefs may be realized! Druids who worked with the Sumerian Necronomicon will know “There is no Zuul, only YouTube.”

“So what is your wager for the Lyran Planets?

“Well there’s always 5 of something that I have to name, like the TetraGrammaton (which only really has 2 1/3 names named …) So far we have …

1. Vega

2. Avalon

3. Mithras

4. Frojn

5. Arcadia

“My friend, I think you might have the right five, some day we’ll go out for a beer.  Right now I’m on E talking to people that don’t come from my culture, just in the privacy of my own brain.”

“MDMA, yes, Mysterious MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine.  Odd that this “singular” drug can put you in touch with a part of yourself that can then act as confident agent to go into another culture’s version of heaven.  I bet it’s just a key to a larger system of syntax, some of which gets worked out endogenously later on so the addiction possibilities are lowered.  Right now you might be encountering the Lost Heavens of the Akkaidian Ascended Civilization …

1. Neruda

2. Shangri-La

3. Shamballa

4. Shalimar

5. Nassau

6. Nirvana

7. Samsara

“Oh, don’t you know everything? Are the Akkaidians Ascended enough to tell me how to get some Lyran Beer?”

“Your query hasn’t fallen on deaf ears…”

mxyzptlk is not a klepton pilfering pudshoe!

Mxyzptlk the Web Wizard, at your service.
I’m a real-time Solutions Manager employed by every major Software Company from here to the Orion Nebula…

Waves of Eternity – A Druid and his Day

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I went for a long, and I do mean LONG walk from home one strange night in August 1997, somewhere after the 16th, but before the beginning of what would be a school year – had I not lost my mind in California.

What About Those California GURLs?

What About Those California GURLs?

The old highway that would take you out of what was perhaps called Carden – or was it Caleden?- in what then was the Province of Avon, not Ontario and it’s Highway 401 to Toronto (once known as Victoria – crown of the Cigarette Empire famed by 1984) … Sorry this doesn’t work if you don’t like cigarettes?

As I was writing to you, this old highway – now out of Guelph, Ontario, was once able to take you and a merry band of travellers to a far-off area where we could get drinks which didn’t leave you with the shakes and read books that would know how much fun it was to breathe air from different planes and planets. The destination, clicking in with the tree of Destiny, was Morriston, Ontario.

Half-impaired – does not an impartial jurisdiction beget someone with odd helices of noetic information? – i walked down the road out of Guelph (later, May 1999, i was to do something similar but the journey would have a real touchdown – Hamilton {the one in Ontario – not Scotland}. I eventually worked through some of my impressions laid upon me by those visitors and residents of California, not to mention other environs of the American Empire.

Do I Have To Dance to Get Honey from My Neighbour?

Do I Have To Dance to Get Honey from My Neighbour?

This was a tiddlywink tightrope of cultural corollary to this “Canadian Citizen” – somewhere between the Medea Virtua America and Luxus Lyris Brittania – would I create the Curriculas Vitaes Canata?

I was only with a little black side-pack, a Druid Animal Oracle, some stones and a slim book of the Quaballa. I continued to draw cards, often feeling that this journey involved the 5 Elements and a cabal of Dragons.

The most memorable card drawn from this pack was the HoneyBee – associated with Druidess Diana and implicated with my sister, Melissa, and her sunny disposition.

I suppose this is where the hexagon can become a hive and home.



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