Peace, Love, Unity + Respect – circa 1995 AD

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              We Are All Connected



Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

and do you know what connects us all? On the net it’s called PLUR. No, it’s not a dishwasher detergent, it’s an acronym that stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These are big words and may be difficult to define but here are some ideas:

Peace: The calmness you find with those around you, and also inside of yourself. It’s tough, we often have to work at it but when you’re at peace with others, with ourselves and with our planet only good can come of it.

Love: The caring you feel for friends, for strangers, for those in need and also for caring you show for yourself. It’s symbiotic, it’s about sharing whatever energy you put into something will be returned to you!

Unity: This means we all share a lot of common things, regardless of our age, gender, race, orientation, whatevah! We are all human beings, we all need other people, & we’re all in this for the happiness experienced being around others. Though we may have differences, we all arise from the same source.

Respect: This may mean respect for others, their ideas, their music, & their lives. It’s also respect for one’s self; one’s body and the needs that it has (food, sleep). Educating yourself on the substances you ingest shows love and respect for your body; passing on the knowledge to others shows respect and love for your fellow person. &



E for Error

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The effects of an elixir catalyzed a catastrophe – all of my relations open their mouths at the same time and say “Why did you do it – you know it’s illegal!”

What some feel is the superconductive gold at the end of a contorted rainbow ...

Still Schedule 1 as of 2013 – What some feel is the superconductive gold at the end of a contorted rainbow …

That’s a more sane survey of what happened to me in August 1997 when i thought i would end a busy work week with two capsules of what I thought were MDMA.  Little did i know that it would set in motion genetic gears which would leave my normal cognition trying to pick up the pieces of the mirror struck by a rock of social defiance.

I was in California, ready with a fat paycheque to visit back home in Canada and I decided to “party-up” my last night in the US of A.  This was before 9/11 and I was thinking my return to the East Coast would be a clean sweep of all my ambitions to reconnect with friends and hey, you never know I could make that important connection tonight, you never know with these things.  Indeed, I made an important connection; to a responsibility for my own mind.  The E wasn’t taking effect so I took the other one.  The period-redoubling and recursion of the chemical cyclotron sped up, and started creating problems to solve, as if i didn’t have enough already.

Imagine you already can’t see the forest from the trees, then a lost fragment of self decides to throw in some thorny bushes.  Then the pain begins – the pain and passion of a young boy who only wanted a good time – now he’s the split-brained martyr, James the hunter-gatherer looking for differences between potential girlfriends and sisters; or perhaps the differences didn’t matter.  Girls first.  Do I like guys? (At least I could recognize that this was a woman’s question).

Why didn’t I do everything myself? I felt the second E hit something and heard a response, in a voice sounding like it had come over the K-Mart loudspeakers “A Habit Has Formed”.  Was this some new form of consumer trance-channeling?

They tell you that you can quit for good - nothing like curtailing a bad habit ....

They tell you that a real man can quit for good …

Perhaps it was, going out on a paranoid and tenuous limb here, me overhearing some American Military-Industrial-Complex “Shopper Surveillance” Artificial Intelligence entity.  Or, perhaps it was just me being hard on myself as i lit another cigarette.  At least it was an American Spirit rather than Marlboro (or the endless walk-a-mile for a Camel).

Rose Quartz

A lode of heart …

So the two Es in my system – system here sounding like the membranous boundaries between society, computer and self – and I wasn’t “Getting Lucky” like my Loverboy memories would intimate.  Crouching, smoking, and generally appearing like a normal i tried to “see what I wanted to do next” and was only left with a feeling that i was in the middle of a personal earthquake, loss of cognitive voice – what was in those Atlantean crystals?

Now-a-days I am not smoking to get high – to get that bit of confidence from the shreds of myself which sometimes drop charismatically into my train of thought.  A train-of-thought that has problems with borders and boundaries like the rest of a post-terrorist 21st Century.

Having accepted my illness as something both ingenuine to my person, as well as something I decided foolishly to speed up, I now am left old and fumbling clumsily with memories which may involve me, or maybe they are just the “News of The World” and I have to find myself, my spirit, within it.

Alone, now shy beyond belief and looking for the commensurance of social service that can arrive in my bank account guided by Angels …

Still one missing ... or so say the Greeks.

Still one missing … or so say the Greeks.

Frikkin’ Hooked on Fisherman’s Friends

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You know everyone has one.

They may come in different languages, different cultures have different rules to monitor and modify their usage, different people get known for their presence in the life of the famous. Oops did I spill a hint. They do begin with an “F”. For some it’s a fetish, for some it’s “Favorite” but, for me, this particular preference comes as an alliterative …

I’m a frivolous flavor freak! My earliest memory of these tasty gems comes from my friend Marc in high school (“once Music Director of the University of Guelph’s prestigious CFRU”). Marc has these on hand as a sort of floating monogram of his personal significance. Often offering these things to my I would regretfully decline. I would rather a cigarette at that time. I wonder about my misspent youth, how sometimes you get a jab of home from one (usually two – one is such a lonely number) of these fabulously flavoured fragments of freedom.

Coming from a Roman Catholic background I say these are bits of a lost communion with the Great Sea – not frivolity but faith (doesn’t Faith Under Civil Kindness spell something?).

Where do these flag-fanning forms of (English) flavour favours get made?

The Freakin’ Fisherman’s Friend Factory!!!

Ships and Chips ahoy!

Wag Magazine – December 2010

Divulgences from the Mind of a 10 year old Bully

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There she is again, walking towards me in her snowsuit, silently and certainly I approach, grab her by the arm and it’s off again to the snowbank, piled high on the side of the sidewalk – her only path home.

“Swirls for the Girls” the old witch in my head says.

It seemed like the frustrated young boy was going to continue his arrogance and obstinance on his own walk home from school until one night he was called up from watching cartoons in his suburban basement – there was a visitor, Valerie’s Dad.

The young boy took a seat with his parents and guest in the living room, her father on the couch – coffee or tea was offered but declined.

“Brad, do you know what this is about?” he asked

“Is it about Valerie?”

“Well it’s about her but it’s about you.  She’s afraid to go to school, then she’s afraid to go home.  She says you swing her around by her arm and push and throw her into snow-banks.  Is this true?”

“Yeah, sometimes I do that.  I don’t know why.  I hear voices saying to do it – Swirls for the Girls.  But nobody tells me to do it, nobody tells me it’s wrong.”

“Do you feel it’s wrong?”

“I guess I wouldn’t want someone doing that to me – That’s part of the golden rule.”

“So can I ask you to treat her with the golden rule? Respect her space walking home, if you want to say things to her there are other ways of expressing yourself than being violent.”

“I understand.”

And it never happened again, now 30 years later causes leading to the actions of the young boy, myself, are a hot topic.  You can’t go anywhere without hearing about “bullying”.  I would know what that is in a parapsychological framework as the ingression of identities into the mental framework of someone who would normally “live and let live.”  It may be the Force of the Jedi, turned to the Dark Side. So often it manifests itself as an abstract geneological pressure – so often the bullying conflict involves gender roles.

In my case, it was a boy who was just discovering orgasms, couldn’t tell his parents and hadn’t built up an experiential vocabulary in the real world (I secretly thought I was Steve Austin from the Six Million Dollar Man) to make a connection to his “Bionic Woman.”

Lee Majors is Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man

Props to Oscar Goldman

A lot of things go on in the halo of awareness of a young child – The Family Guy’s “Stewie” is an explication of the almost zen juggling many children do “on the inside”.  Do adults do the same things? Perhaps not as much because the feel they can come to solvency for certain issues – except the pushing and scratching continue in our supposed “playgrounds.”

I never really learned how to express myself as a man.  I don’t really believe that anyone’s found the “right way” to do this – we use supplements like food, drugs, technologies and other fetish items – (GI Joe figures) in order to put together some structure that is more stable than a house of cards.

Jody Foster in Contact

Jody Foster in Contact

This structure is a life structure – almost like the machine Jody Foster felt the demiurgic pulsation to build in the movie Contact.

The force of desire to create these structures of expression are all about gender parity and indeed as old as the evolutionary teleologies behind the creation of expressive devices such as the Internet.

Tube Torus

What spins around us everyday in it’s semi-veiled mystery …

Looked at from a privileged vantage point in a larger “Bull Machine” which some may call the TubeTorus (ie: Taurus the Bull) we see a lot of things that would speak to the mind of a 10 year old boy – Swirls For The Girls.

Another obscure, some may say occult reading of the “Bull Machine” is in Hamlet’s Mill, a Key to the Milky Way which is (ostensibly) the Galaxy we are in (though we have to use eldritch interpolation to actually “see” what Galaxy we are in, add to that there may be other universes and galaxies where we get signals to “Bully” people or ourselves and these other Universes and Solar Systems may in fact not use Einsteinian Relativity.

Eraserhead's Engineer - The Dark Side of E

Though some may not be able to fathom it, things do actually have a meaning and the meaning is being shown here as what happens when you extract all vital fluids (mild of human kindness) from the urban megalopolis …

Back to the Idea that the Milk of “Human” kindness issues forth from the work of The Holy Cow of Engineering. (The satirical folly of man’s entropy in this field macabrely elucidated by the cuts of David Lynch’s “Train Engineer” in 1977s Eraserhead.

Be Here Now

Not present in my household, but then again a book involving transpersonal symmetry does have the capability to be everywhere at once…

Maybe I should get back to me and Valerie.  We never officially made up “mano-a-mano”, we didn’t talk much more. Didn’t date.  Didn’t end up going to high school together. The problems with expressing things has gotten better with myself in the following 10 years – doing ecstasy a few times helped me understand better the tautological interplay of hunter-hunted in the Orion Mythos, the punisher-victim of the mundanities of domesticity and the shortcut through 12-step programs for “people who had grown up with busy parents”.

Am I still a bully? I often hear Professor X’s words “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.” – also with great experience comes with it a great desire to share, express but in a tap on the shoulder manner rather than throwing someone into a snowbank …

Lightning can strike twice ...I’m not Darth Vader, I wasn’t corrupted by power –

Blondes have more fun ...

Blondes have more fun – I am another yourself.

It was the Emperor (ahh another E person) who would have been the real bully in that Theocracy…

So can we sum up from this post that The Emperor, the young Jedi needs things to get his rocks off but wasn’t adequately prepared for his apprehension of power by 1970s media nor a folky Roman Catholic Church.

We may still see problems with bullying but is it a question of someone trying to push ideas or cultural nuances or is it someone trying to get someone to build a better cage for the animal in us?

Sekhmet - Famous Leonine leader of the Hathors

Ra’s Mom …

Perhaps the bull will be replaced by the Lion … I’d always licked – sorry – liked my Leonine side …

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